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Check out the questions/answers below from Dr. Stephen Rose, medical research director, Solis Mammography.

What’s the general guideline for when women should begin getting mammograms? 

Research clearly shows that annual mammography starting at the age of 40 is strongly correlated with significant improvement in survival rates of breast cancer.  

After the initial mammogram, how often is it recommended that women get screened?

We recommend getting a screening mammogram every year as part of your breast wellness self-care. Annual screenings are most likely to find any breast cancer early, when it is tiny. When breast cancer is detected and treated early, it is highly curable. Keep in mind, you do not need a recommendation from a physician for a screening mammogram (2D or 3D). Don’t let pain and discomfort be a barrier to getting checked annually.  SmartCurve is a new technology that is offered at all Solis Mammography centers that provides our patients with a more comfortable mammogram while preserving accuracy. You can find more information at www.solismammocom/smartcurve.

What are the reasons to get a mammogram before that age ^^? 

If you have noticed breast symptoms (lump, discharge, dimpling) you should first notify your doctor as you will need a referral for a diagnostic mammogram. When  certain risk factors are present(genetic markers such as BRCA 1 and 2,strong family history of premenopausal breast cancer, family history of ovarian cancer, etc.), earlier screening may be indicated. 

What should women be doing pre-mammogram age to stay on top of breast cancer?

Monthly self-exam, yearly physical exam, and be aware of family history.  If concerned about high risk due to family history, consult with your doctor about the need for earlier testing.

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